Introductory post

With my site domain active for many years now, and some family and friends blogging, I’ve been under (some self-generated and some outside) pressure to share my viewpoints with the world too. All this while though, I wondered if blogging was really necessary–with so many of us already doing so–and also worried about the discipline of maintaining a blog; but after several months of enjoying other blogs, researching the net for subjects close to my heart and painstakingly collecting, using and sharing resources, now I wonder why don’t I use this route to tracking and sharing info…so, here I go…

The frequency of posts will depend on several factors–with ‘inspiration’ dominating that list, I can say with some certainty that the subjects could span HR issues (finished a two-year Human Resources Management Master’s course some months ago so have some things to say there); online research (been a net user ever since its access from India became possible); web designing versus site usability ease and aesthetics (being a self-taught graphic-web designer, I remain in touch with the tools and concepts learnt laboriously even if I don’t actively design sites any more); time management and organisational aspects of work and life (entered the first structured work environment at age 17 so grew up prioritising and reprioritising tasks); parenting (been experiencing joys and travails of parenthood for the last 11½ years); painting (paint and sketch now and then); bird-watching (have been interested in the little creatures since childhood but began referring to field guides and maintaining checklists 3 years ago); traveling (it’s a religion Kishore—my spouse of 20 years and friend of a couple of years longer–and I religiously follow); pleasures of technology (as learnt from Kishore and through work needs); infrastructural highs and (mostly) lows of my city, Gurgaon et al…phew, the list is long and I haven’t included all the interests yet… so visitors can expect quite a range in my musings.

Will settle down to write some more in a few hours.

cheers, Jyoti

Family and friends blogging:

6 thoughts on “Introductory post

  1. Ah! Finally, a comment directly on the post — a couple arrived as email 🙂 Would be good to have your feedback regularly!


  2. Hi Gautam…this is a surprise! Good to know that a serious blogger like you appreciated these outpourings. Keep visiting…there might just be some thoughts on HR concerns as well. I’ll surely be in touch with yours.


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