Powerless but Connected

There hasn’t been a week in my 12 years in Gurgaon when I haven’t wondered about DHBVN’s viability as a power provider in this city. Their service is useless, supply highly erratic and phones constantly busy.

There are days every week when outages last 5-8 hours at a stretch or certainly average to that long with their frequency on many other days.

I get goose-pimples thinking of the time when BSNL had monopoly in Gurgaon as a fixed line provider and a huge torture public had to go through to keep their phone lines functional. We’d to grovel for bills, and frequent fault repair required measures that are best left unrecalled. Then Airtel fixed line happened and there came other options in the form of WLL and multiple mobile service providers – and now when this city still has very little working from roads, sewage, municipal services, public transport, road signage to power outages, it feels a huge blessing to be using broadband provided by private ISPs, getting e-bills/sms reminders and paying bills online — even if computers have to be kept running on bigger and even bigger back-up devices.

We try hard to remain connected with the world in the hope that some company would find management of power a profitable business and lobby for its privatisation.

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