Election and Power are Directly Related in Gurgaon!

I’d dreaded this time’s election not only thinking of its mismanagement in Gurgaon but also because in the weeks leading up to it, suddenly we had electricity almost all our days and nights. As a result, we acquired the bad habit of being in a cool house and seeing our appliances work at all times.

Now that the election is over, electricity outages are experienced every day but admittedly, for now they have not been too long. Last night, the power returned in just 30 min and during the day, each time it’s returned within 2 hours. Having been a New Gurgaon resident for some years, I’ve seen much worse.

I’m all for conserving power by willingly observing Earth Hours and organising my life around a known outage schedule — after all, I’m an Indian and used to a tough life! My complaint is really about a missing government office to announce an outage schedule and answer enquiries about long breakdowns.

May just happen when there is a clearer division of authority and accountability between HUDA, GMC and DHBVN

4 thoughts on “Election and Power are Directly Related in Gurgaon!

  1. Its not just electricity which is related to elections (plus its not just Gurgaon), roads, street lights, policing, almost everything is related to elections 🙂

    I agree having elections every month is a good idea 😉 just that it means No IPL or any other sport in India, and huge fiscal deficit :))


  2. You said it, Shubham. Am afraid IPLs do not interest me as a well-lit, constructed and smooth roads do. Since frequent elections wouldn’t justify the expense, can we propose a bill on a mandatory international event every two years so infrastructural development never stops? Asiad brought us flyovers and CW games will see some usable public transport in Gurgaon. On their own, HUDA and MCD wouldn’t move much…


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