Why only Steve Jobs?

These last four days I’ve read some beautiful sentiments expressed for Steve Jobs. I didn’t know Jobs from Adam but I too have felt traumatised at such an early end of a life that was capable of doing so much. Of creating so much beauty through his devices and enabling such effectiveness at doing things that earlier required cranking up clunky computers. His devices

20111009-104042.jpghave not only worked consistently, they have looked pretty, have been easy to carry around and done much more for us than we initially envisaged for them. My 2-year old iPod Touch not only acts as my highly portable computer, it’s been a constant source of joy for me because of its ever-expanding app eco-system. Apps that have been either free or cost little. Most of all, even after some upgrades by Apple, I haven’t had to pitch my 2G Touch as most new apps have continued to honour its old hardware. I find this approach so ethical on the part of the company that it doesn’t matter to me if it’s labelled as ruthlessly ‘closed’. It’s provided great value for my money, given gadgets that are intuitive to use and enabled many activities for me through simple taps and minimum pain.

In these times of consumerism, when we’re already used to a choice in the selection of our phones, laptops and now, tablets, it’s only been a couple of products that have integrated into our lives seamlessly. Steve Jobs brought us most of these marvels. And with them, easy learning and a higher appreciation for beauty in plastic and metal.

I wish Jobs’ outlook towards India was more positive and we could access his gadgets at global prices and on time. But I’m willing to accept the points of India being a complex market to enter and a paradoxical place to experience. I’m just grateful that he figured in my timeline and, through his marvellous creations, brought me much joy and some learning that I opened myself to.

{This has been my first attempt at using my month-old iPad2 to create and publish this post. And to texturise the included image using a free app}

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