Jdesignlab to just me…

I’d registered my jdesignlab.com domain while learning and experimenting with web designing in pre-CMS days. I moved on to other areas of learning but kept the domain for emailing. At some point, blogging seemed like a good use of it. A couple of days ago, I thought out aloud in Kishore’s company that jdesignlab.com as a domain name hadn’t quite worked for me in my non-designer incarnation. That it’d frequently led to my explaining to people how I was no longer into formal designing and why I left it. I also had to spell out J and LAB repeatedly over the phone so people did’t miss them from my email id…

Well…Kishore can take me seriously at times. He checked and I was surprised to find a .com domain in my own name–no mean feat these days! He registered it for me and migrated the blog to the new site. So, here I am: happier blogging under the name I’ve had longer than either Jdesignlab or my maiden name Jyoti Puri.

Nothing else changes. This WordPress theme has been working for me…give and take a few minor quibbles. So, I’d still be blogging about seemingly unrelated interests of mine–and, now boldly in my own name!

Keep visiting to leave your mark here.


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