In celebration of friendship, love and learning

On this day 25 years ago, Kishore and I’d got married. JKWedIt feels like just the other day that we went out on our first date from our workplace for a pizza…not knowing that pizzas were going to become my favorite date food item for the next 2 years! Then we got married and being foodies, we broadened the scope of what constituted home-cooked food in Indian homes by regularly tweaking food at home as also by frequently eating out. Part of our family has recently presented us with an electric breadmaker to help reinvent our cooking even more in the future…

My marriage of 25 years to Kishore, however, has been much more than making food based discoveries. He came into my work-life as my computer trainer and has remained a mentor through our years together. Being a perpetual learner himself, he’s encouraged me to take my interests forward in absolutely any area of my choice. It was thanks to him that I put aside the idea of making bucks, and went back to classroom learning at the age of 40 and took 16 exams of HRM. Before that, at his prodding, I taught myself graphic designing and enough HTML to design some websites.  I took to oil painting in between and took much pleasure out of playing with colors till playing with our baby son took priority over everything else. Much earlier, when I wanted to simply work for a living using the skills I already had, he encouraged me to find the best workplace I could possibly find and I did just that. Through the years of matrimony, he’s given me gadgets instead of jewelry, so kept me connected with changing technologies and helped broaden my ambit of thinking. He’s also reiterated time and again that I needn’t feel guilty about reading aimlessly as reading should be everyone’s regular occupation. Right now, I’m totally enjoying this occupation in between worries of the world…

I’ve attempted to return the favor in some ways… but then for that we should hear from him directly 😉

Here’s to a couple more decades of friendship, love and more learning.

4 thoughts on “In celebration of friendship, love and learning

    1. Thanks, Gora. A couple by my head is any number of years or decades that forces would allow us to have…certainly not just 2 🙂


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