Performance review = A continuous feedback and development process

In the last three years that I’ve managed performance evaluations of support engineers for an IT consulting firm, I’ve been wary of assuming a judgmental stance – either directly or through the feedback process I’ve helped manage. Performance reviews are known to be tedious exercises for all concerned so my objectives for them have been … Continue reading Performance review = A continuous feedback and development process

Typewriter—now only an artefact

This announcement from Mashable that Godrej has formally stopped its manufacturing of typewriters didn’t upset me at all. I’m afraid I never did care for typewriters…whether manual, electric or electronic… I began using a typewriter in the year 1983 while acceding to self-induced pressure to acquire job skills. The first I got to use formally … Continue reading Typewriter—now only an artefact

Resume Writing or Stop it?

This month an assignment meant appraising profiles for an IT support engineer’s role, so much time was spent scanning resumes, talking to applicants, and, gratefully, finalizing hiring of a candidate.  The experience has made me appreciate challenges recruiters must face in preparing interview shortlists. Why only interview shortlists? Well, if this first step can be … Continue reading Resume Writing or Stop it?

How to manage employee exit interviews?

Now that the important ‘whys’ of instituting a planned exit process are covered (in the previous post), I’d like to share my views on the process itself: Short internal (online) process:  An online questionnaire on the company intranet or via email should capture feedback on the overall experience, and this segment of the exit process … Continue reading How to manage employee exit interviews?