Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park in Sector 52 Gurgaon is one of the few public parks in the city that gets some noticeable--albeit inadequate—attention from the city administration on its upkeep. A walk around this 2 acre park gives a clear impression of someone’s best intentions on its design and purpose but its poor upkeep … Continue reading Tau Devi Lal Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon

Gurgaon Administration – An Unsolved Mystery!

In my 12+ years in Gurgaon, I’ve seen the city landscape change dramatically but its inherent problems have continued to exist. They haven’t been addressed cohesively in all these years, and where we’re fortunate in seeing any corrections taking place, they appear so ad hoc that we wonder if any long-term planning is going into … Continue reading Gurgaon Administration – An Unsolved Mystery!