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I’m a big fan of many sites, and find that its guides do an excellent job of updating their readers of goings on in their subject area as well as offering primers to understand those areas. The site offers a mind boggling range of subjects to delve into and all one has to do is to subscribe to a sub-site newsletter to be regularly informed of that subject.

During my 2½ years of studying Human Resources Management, and even more after that, I’ve been reading through the posts of their HR Guide Susan M. Heathfield on everything HR, and found them extremely useful in clearing my head on employer ethics, organization processes, HR policies, leadership qualities among many other concerns. Very importantly, she provides a good repository of sample policy documents that would give more than just a starting point to HR professionals thinking through those functions.

A recent post of her’s emphasises the need for creating a personal vision statement to direct one’s actions. She has been thoughtful in sharing her own vision statement and offered a list of exploratory questions that we should ask ourselves for crafting our own. Of course, during the HRM course, I understood the importance of creating a vision or mission statement to guide an organisation’s processes and people, but I never considered the need to carry out an internal assessment to formulate my own. Well, I’m going to change that now as I’ve written down her questions to mull over my interests, strengths and weaknesses to know myself some more and seek guidance from that assessment.

Hope my readers would feel inspired to construct their own vision statements too.

4 thoughts on “Online Human Resources Guide

  1. Hey! Thanks for posting this. I’m off to explore it. Lots of questions mull over. Else I was about to say: Get richer than possible. But well, let me think about this…


  2. It should be an interesting exercise. The challenge would be to eventually squeeze it all in upto 50 words but I may not tax myself too much on that count.

    Getting rich would be a pain. Financial freedom is what I’d seek – each time I dip into my bag, I should find just enough to buy that enticing piece of something…


  3. Hi Jyoti
    Thanks for posting a comment on my guest post for Gauravnomics on ‘How Human Resource professionals are using social media’
    This article is alternatively available on

    I went through your profile and is interesting to know about your interest in HR. So i think my recently started Human Resource website could perhaps interest you.
    Also am kind of curious about the Talent HR Handbook that you’ve designed. Is there a link to read it somewhere 🙂


  4. Hi Karishma,

    I’d a quick look at your website and will stay connected with it.

    Making a Talent Handbook was a useful exercise for me as it consolidated my previous efforts to institute employee workflow and business processes in my earlier (non-HR) assignments. The handbook was designed around a model that needed customising to this firm’s business directions and employee engagement. I tried to cull best practices from other organisations on employee motivation, communication, performance management to make those fitted in the firm’s context as their processes. It was designed as an internal wiki but kept room for ESS.

    If you should decide to work on a similar policy handbook and need to bounce ideas on its structure, I can help with inputs.


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