Tibetan Kitchen — Proper Tibetan Food in Gurgaon

Last evening Anjuli-Sandy introduced Kishore and me to the newly opened Tibetan Kitchen in Gurgaon – a small eatery that goes way beyond momos and includes many impressive words on its menu such as Lowa Khatsa, Gyuma, Lamain, Phingsha, Thenthuk and more. For now, even though these are just exotic words to me, I hope to make many more visits there to translate them into great tasting food.

Currently, the eatery serves various kinds of momos – Rhe-chotse being those served in soup and Khothey are steamed and only slightly seared on an oil-smeared pan on one side for that extra bit of crunchy taste, and there are the regular steamed or fried sorts. I’ve listed out some of their other items above but two that I got to taste were Sha Phaley — a large gujia shaped, fried pastry with a stuffing of mince meat (or chopped onions in Anjuli’s case), and Sha Shingbee – a stir-fry of mutton slices teamed up with crisp green beans. We ate this second dish with the steamed Tibetan bread Tingmo – which was quite impressive in its shape and size – shaped like a cinnamon roll and higher in height, one of these breads would be enough for two people with my kind of appetite.

Tibetan Kitchen is owned by Namgyal Wangchuk and managed by Tanveer Azam, and together they plan to add several Ladakhi dishes and a couple more special Tibetan dishes to their menu in another month. Already, there are many Chinese items on the menu too. The kitchen area is run by a band of boys from the hills so the food churned out is pretty authentic – none of that red tomato puree in their dishes but great smelling ground spices and crunchy vegetables. They have priced the items reasonably making it possible to check out their food every other week.

The eatery is located on the main Sector Road ahead of Gold Souk, appearing on the left side of the road and placed next to a dhaba labelled as Zaffran. During our late evening visit, the restaurant was quiet, clean and with ample parking space in front of it. For once, we found the place willing to deliver food in our area but as Tanveer said, food delivered home tastes different. Kishore, Kabir and I will therefore head there frequently to check out their other dishes with Tingmo.

Their numbers for other foodies in Gurgaon :  09213021900 and 09810626649.

2 thoughts on “Tibetan Kitchen — Proper Tibetan Food in Gurgaon

  1. We (My Wife Daughter & myself) just love the Place, Great food Great Staff Great Place to spend a Peaceful Evening with Loved ones. Keep it Up. My Daughter always say Bye Bye Noodles to the place when we leave.


    1. Hi Alan,

      Do we mean the same place? Their noodles and other Chinese dishes are overly greasy. After many visits to the place, we’ve zeroed in on Thukpa/Momos/Tingmo/Shapta/Sha Shingbee as the items to go for.


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