Technology High

Thanks to the tech atmosphere around me due to Kishore, I find that I might delay adopting some technologies but I can’t stay immune to them. Even if I try.

I resisted but finally gave in to self-induced pressure to blog about a year ago. And, I remember trying hard to stay convinced of the view that I didn’t know enough to actually say anything of consequence. One year down the road, I’m still unsure if anything I write actually matters tremendously, but I’m still glad that I overcame the fear of seeing my words ‘published.’ In the process I seem to have inspired some visitors to acquire the title of a birdwatcher as through my posts they got to know of places to go watch birds and connect with other birders.

Then came the switch to free and open source software only about four months ago. I’d been up to my head into the reasons for moving to FOSS, but there was a huge hesitation to let go of the familiar. Especially, my beloved Fireworks that I’ve used for years for image editing. But am I glad that I decided to make a clean start when this neat and compact Netbook came into my hands. And, in retrospect, it hasn’t really been an earth-shaking move. It’s just been a learning process and hopefully will stay that way as I’m going about my computing business.

Then, I’ve been a big time advocate of real time learning and have been engaged in advancing my human resources management thought process for a couple of years. That has meant reading several blogs on a regular basis, and in any case online reading for me has gone beyond HRM and included other interests. I’d been somehow coping with this diverse reading in an arbitrary manner but about a month ago, I moved to Google Reader to thread together most of my frequently visited websites. And, oh, what a total luxury it is now to just open the Reader instead of navigating through several bookmarks.

Recently, I also decided to make more determined efforts to connect with online communities and the result has been encouraging when I’ve had useful discussions going among the Kendriya Vidyalaya alumni group on LinkedIn – some recounting early experiences but most looking at present and future. A group of alumni had been working on the design of a global alumni website that I’m getting to help refine. Delhi based members have even managed two small meets where we’ve had students with a difference of 30+ years in their passout years. Then, a new group that I’ve started on LinkedIn envisions knowledge exchange and mentoring among KV originated human resources professionals. I’ve to see if I’ve the patience to help people stay connected there when, interestingly, now I find scores of people who’re more shy than me to speak up…

A new experiment has been with Twitter. Kishore has been on Twitter for over 2 years so that tells me the will power I’ve exercised to stay off it 😉 Well, I gave in to the lure last evening and today have had Vir Sanghvi respond to my view on the private airlines’ confrontation with the government. How cool is that?

It’s sheer delight.

And, I hope this tech journey continues!

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