Positive vibrations

Today’s post from Seth Godin is just one among many notes I’ve come across today on the need to maintain a positive outlook. The interesting revelation that Godin’s post makes out of all those, however, is that we think negative because it feels good and is a lot more fun! He helpfully adds that negative thinking feels realistic, soothes our pain, eases our embarrassment, protects us and lowers our expectations so we engage in it more. I agree with him that we end up choosing negative thinking over positive because the former is easier. It’s been easier for me to think negative because I heard my father say all my formative years that ‘he thinks of the worst!‘ What he meant, and continues to, is that in life he prepares for the worst scenario. He wouldn’t clarify the crucial facet of his philosophy that he maintains a positive thought process while conditioning himself to face even the opposite. I just imbibed what I could from his declarations and grew to expect the worst in life.

Over the years, I’ve met some positive-minded people as also sheer karamyogis who’ve simply believed in doing their best and enjoying the process while doing so. And, thankfully, some of that thinking has rubbed off on me. What has also helped tremendously is a regular feed on positive thinking from various online channels. And, I’d be happy to share some of those resources to see if any helps direct anyone towards positivity too:

. Weekly, or sometimes more frequent, posts from http://www.lifesupportsystem.com/ usually have a story to tell that correlates to something that most of us can visualise. The website had changed its colours when I visited it earlier today but I know its writer, Steve Goodier’s teachings just from his simple text email that I’ve been reading in the last 4+ years.

. http://www.thecalmspace.com looks different in Google Reader where I read its posts, and I quite liked this recent one on the link reminding us that we were all meant to shine.

. http://stresstopower.com will provide you with your weekly dose of comics with some words that would resonate with you.

. Even The Universe looks different today from a couple of weeks ago when I enrolled for their ‘customised’ words of upliftment! Their messages have been fun mostly because they have carried my name (entered while enrolling) and some situations have matched – like when a message said something about life being okay even with coffee being weak after I’d finished cleaning spilt coffee (strong one, actually) from the bedspread!

Over to you all for any online resources that have had a calming effect on you.

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