If you’re reading those comments, then say so

Enough is being said about engaging audiences through social media channels to create friends and followers. My experience of Twitter even shows me that users are vigilant of feedback to their tweets in that space and making an effort to revert in real time. They don’t always succeed but where a DM (direct message) is possible, it usually gets one a quick reaction.

In LinkedIn group conversations too, where groups are moderated well and don’t see noise in the form of job postings or ‘invite me’ posts, discussions are being read, valued and considered relationship-forming. Facebook being a ground mostly for bonding with friends, family and fans also sees a reasonable degree of promptness in feedback.

However, the social media channel that is suffering due to neglect by some is my long-time favourite online conversation tool – a blog. My concern isn’t so much that many erstwhile active bloggers aren’t blogging regularly anymore. But it is that many bloggers were always sluggish about responding to their commenters, and even now when avenues of information for online readers are multiplying at a breakneck speed and comments on their posts have dwindled, these advocates of social networking  DO NOT respond to feedback coming in as comments to their posts. And, I wonder why they believe that despite that attitude, they’ll maintain their fan-following. For, as the online reader gets more mature, s/he would shun those spaces that are not civilised enough!

So, if you’re reading those comments to your blog posts—as I believe most bloggers enjoy doing whether they’re negative or positive—please consider them precious and connect with your readers by responding to their feedback. This case study of Boeing has many interesting elements to it, but I’d draw your attention to the second last paragraph on the blogger’s advice on interacting with one’s readers to create useful conversations.

2 thoughts on “If you’re reading those comments, then say so

  1. You are so right. Most of the people read a lot of blogs and yet don’t comment for some reason. All the comments are reserved for Facebook, Twitter etc. For example I came across a site with great funny quotes related to journalism, garnering hardly any comments. The same site is on Facebook and gets upto 600 comments for one post! We love reading blogs, but love replying only on social networking sites, for some reason.


  2. I think it’s also because Facebook has set a tone for free-minded interaction and Twitter sort of compels people to show intelligence in some manner 🙂 OTOH blogs are seen as an individual’s domain so people make a quiet entry and exit without leaving a footprint! If bloggers made determined efforts to respond to their comments, they’d promote more knowledge exchange. Already, I find that happening but there’re still those who’re happy with their dose of feedback coming through other channels so let comments to their blogs vegetate!


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