Homemade Fajitas

While I like all kinds of food, I keep trying to introduce small changes in flavours of regular subzis or offer us all some creative and healthy main course food options that keep the 3 of us interested in food at home. Kishore and I are foodies to begin with so enjoy changes in flavours but with Kabir, it’s a little more than that—he’s drawn to most things non-homemade so on some evenings, I like to conceive dinner options that are non-Indian in their flavour, that involve him, provide nutrition to him ­­­and still not create hours of work for me or our part-time cook. Homemade Fajitas are one such enjoyable snack cum main course food item.


1. Rotis: Homemade thin, largish and whitish roti
2. 250 gm Boneless Chicken: Cut into thin, small strips: 2 tablespoons of dahi+2 fat cloves of garlic to marinade the chicken
3. Tomato salsa: 2 large firm tomatoes, finely chopped and 1 green chilly finely chopped into them
4. Sour cream: a bowl of thick dahi, 1 small clove of garlic, some malai lifted off the milk or 1 tablespoon cream from a can
5. Salad: a bowl of finely chopped cucumber, onion, capsicum
6. Grated Britannia or Amul pasteurised cheese
7. Jalapeno slices from a bottle
8. Lime halves

Rotis: Shouldn’t be overcooked or browned. They should be thin and slightly larger than regular rotis to make rolls with all the juicy filling. I get several made and placed in a large casserole. Sometimes I get these rotis made with some maida for the whiteness I like to see in them.

Chicken: Thin slivers of boneless chicken should be marinated in some thick curd, 2 minced cloves of garlic and some salt for about 15 min. This marinated chicken should be sautéed in a non-stick pan with or without a teaspoon of oil. It should be sautéed to the point of dryness (5 min) and left covered with the flame switched off so it cooks further in the steam.

Tomato salsa: Finely chopped tomatoes can be seasoned with finally minced/chopped green chillies, some black pepper, a bit of salt and a dash of lime and mixed up to make tangy salsa. A dash of Tabasco is optional.

Sour cream: Thick curd and a bit of cream and minced garlic can be whipped with an egg-beater for a few seconds till the beaten curd shows a peak or two. Too much beating may turn it into butter so watch out on that front.

Salad: Crunchy salad vegetables are finely chopped, mixed and presented in a large bowl as one of the filling items.

The last 3 items are just kept in separate bowls for adding to Fajita’s filling.

To eat it all:

Place it all grandly on the table and switch on a movie in your TV room…

Each person starts with a roti, puts a healthy amount of salad in the middle of the roti in a vertical row, tops it up with chicken bits, salsa, cheese, sour cream and jalapenos, carefully balances a half-folded and fully-loaded Fajita over a plate and goes for a big bite of it while watching the movie or relating the day’s stories. People are at liberty to vary the amount of cheese/peppers/cream/chicken with each successive Fajita to customise its taste. Usually, a glass of ginger ale or beer on the side makes the Fajita experience even more complete 🙂

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