Renewing Driving License in Gurgaon 

My old post on my experience of renewing my driving license seemed to help many get some answers so I’ve meant to write this one on my recent experience.

When the old license is from a different city 

If your old licence is from Delhi, you’d need to first get an NOC from the issuing office and then follow the process I’m sharing below. If, however, your old license is from a city outside of NCR, the general advise I’ve heard for the person is to apply for a learner’s license, clear a driving test within 6 months and then get a regular license. This is because the process of getting an NOC from another city would mean travelling to that city and dealing with that license office to get that piece of paper.

When the old licence was issued in Gurgaon

The steps involved are fairly simple:

. Reach Hall 1 of Mini Secretariat between 9-9:15 am with the following items:

2 passport sized photos, pen, plain sheets of paper, glue-stick, Rs660 in cash, the old licence, self-attested copies of your id and address proof

. Buy a Renewal form—it costs Rs50 and comes in a cardboard file but they may charge you another Rs10 for a cloth-bag to encourage its use over polythene bags! The bag is yours to take away.

. Sit somewhere and fill the forms – they include a medical form and a Personal Particular Form that are easy enough to fill.

. Paste your old license on the given page of the folder, add your self-attested copies of photo id cum address proof

. Go to Hall 2 where the medical check-up takes place—pay the required fee of Rs150 or thereabouts, stand in the small queue in front of the medical officer in this hall itself. He sits next to the payment counter and appears totally relaxed at that hour. His test may just be a question or two or a quick read by you of some cards to rule out colour blindness.

. Handover your file at the specified counter in Hall 1. Women and senior citizens may find 1-2 individuals before them but at that hour even men don’t have to wait for more than 5-10 min for their turn to handover the folder and get the next set of instructions.

. Pay the renewal fee of Rs450 or Rs420 (it was 3 months ago for me so I forget the exact amount)  at the next counter and then simply reach the last part of this long counter to sign a tablet and get clicked by a web camera for your new license.

. After this you’d be handed an insignificant looking slip torn out of your application form with a date to revisit and collect your licence.  Do take good care of this slip.

. On the day of collection, go over by 10 am, pick up a strip of card qualifying as your licence and have it laminated at a photocopiers’ shop you like visiting,


That’s it! You’d be done with the process for the next 5 years. The whole routine takes less than an hour so do give it a fair chance instead of seeking a tout.

What is absolutely essential is that you reach the place as it opens and not at 10 am or later. There is no need to reach before 9 am as the place is closed then.


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