Getting Aadhaar in Gurgaon 

I had believed to be able to manage my life just fine without getting an Aadhaar id. After all I’ve had my other id documents in place that sufficed for all requirements. A recent registration with authorities, however, necessitated the Aadhaar id so I saw no choice but go over to its main center in Gurgaon and go through the process of acquiring it.

Here are the specifics of getting this identification in Gurgaon.

The Aadhaar registration center 

There are small booths in multiple locations in Gurgaon that accept application form for an Aadhaar id but I went to the main registration center. It is at:

Vikas Sadan
Opposite Mini Secretariat
Ist floor
Ahead of Rajiv Chowk

A hall on the Ist floor of Vikas Sadan at the end of the only corridor on the left of the staircase had a small stage with 4 executives sitting with 3 computers. The hall looked like the image on the right.

The document requirement

. Filled application form
. Original photo id

Application forms are given out by the person without a computer and he attempts to answer questions on the details to be filled in. Details are simply one’s address and mobile number. It helps that one doesn’t have to give photographs or endless photocopied ids in support of one’s application.

A filled form with an original photo id (in my case, I handed my driving license) is to be given to one of the 3 executives facing their computers. That officer inputs the applicant’s name and address in the system, and guides them to use the eye and finger print scanners. He advises applicants to verify details on a spare monitor and point out any errors.

After about 5 minutes of this exercise, an acknowledgement form is printed out and handed to applicants along with their original id. The form mentions an enrollment number and date/time of the form’s acceptance.

The Aadhaar number

A few days later (4 days in my case) an SMS on the applicant’s mobile announces that their Aadhaar number is available for download on the Aadhaar website at

An online form on the link has to be filled in for an OTP that in turn prompts one to enter one’s password for downloading the e-Aadhaar id. The password is the pin code provided in the application form. The e-Aadhaar id then appears on the screen for download and printing.

The original card may or may not arrive in mail so the downloaded e-Aadhaar id can be printed on a colour printer and laminated for records.

The whole process would complete in 15 minutes but between the applicant queue, the speed of their server or the mood of the executives, it could also take about 30-40.

No fee is charged for new Aadhaar registration but I saw Rs30 being charged for making address or any other changes in one’s Aadhaar records.


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