A Night in Nizamuddin – Nov 1 – 7 pm

Interesting to have found a group of foodies in the form of http://eoid.org/ and even though joining them every weekend isn’t going to be possible for us from Gurgaon, we do plan to experience the Nizamuddin food journey with them tomorrow.

More details at http://bit.ly/2IxhDy

2 thoughts on “A Night in Nizamuddin – Nov 1 – 7 pm

  1. Wow… It seems I missed joining you guys for this trip.

    Do let us know how the experience was. Did you get some pics?


  2. The plan on this trip was confused as it included attending a wedding before joining the foodie gang in our fineries! Well, the up side was that we saw the busy lanes of Nizamuddin and can now get there without as much nervousness. Seekhs and rumali at Ghalibs were excellent and I can’t wait to have them again at a slower pace. The Ghalib owner (a senior person with a long flowing white beard) called Kishore in and gave him a warm hug so we’re pretty much acquainted with the place in many ways 🙂
    Camera? No, food had topped that day’s plan…let’s go there together with multiple cameras and more time on hands.


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